Think child abuse doesn’t happen in Jackson County, Mississippi? Think again.

In 2014 alone, there were over 2,800 cases of reported child abuse in our area. Think about that for a moment – 2,800 cases. That means there were at least 2,800 children right here in Jackson County who were either being abused, neglected or both by their guardians. For these children, life just isn’t fair. First they suffer at home, and then they are thrown into a whirlwind of change by the system that is trying to help them. They have to adapt to new foster parents, a new school, a new lifestyle with new rules, and are surrounded by new people everywhere. For many of these children, the only constant in life is the smile and support of their Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Our organization has roughly 110 volunteers. These giving individuals work with the court to help the judge make the best possible decision regarding permanent placement of the children for which they advocate.

We are a non-profit and keep the doors open by donations and funding through the United Way and others. That is why we greatly need your help. If you want to do something to stop the cycle of child abuse, get involved with CASA. You can volunteer your time or your money or both. Contact us today to start helping out.

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